N95 20Pcs Anti PM2.5 Mouth Dust Anti Pollution Washable Cotton KN95 Activated Carbon Filter Protective Filter Breathable

SKU: B0867W20

Breathable and Comfortable N-95 Face massk - 5-layer design, high density non-woven fabric - N95 filtration x2- highly breathable non-woven fabric, which is comfortable to the skin, lightweight, and breathable. 

Great Design - The environmentally friendly materials are adopted. The nose bridge clip design can be adjusted most comfortably according to different face shapes. The earband is stretchable and does not drop easily. Very elastic, perfect fit face after stretching. 

Safe and Use -Respiratory protection according to N-95, filter efficiency up to 95%.It can filter toxic gases,keep warm,absorb water,waterproof and it can prevent respiratory infections to a certain extent. Ideal for colds, haze, fog, daily use 

N-95 Disposable Face massk - This is disposable face massk.Do not reuse, please throw it to the designated place after use. 

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